Tales of customer service

The title of this page may confuse the reader initially as some of the tales that are linked from here are about the exact opposite of customer service.

But that's the point - when a company says customer service, you should equally expect to get shafted.

When you live in the east, you hear tales of developed countries and tend to conjure up some kind of image of the promised land. Take it from me, as one who has lived on both sides of the equation, this is high-grade bulldust.

Customer service exists in countries like Japan. It is a question of honour there, the customer is treated like God. I have a tale to substantiate that even though I've never been to Japan.

But now Japanese companies are also beginning to learn Western ways, much to my chagrin. It is no surprise that they are often encountering resistance from the common man and at times biting the dust. I recently had a brush with Sony that outlines exactly how the company manages to avoid taking responsibility for its mistakes.

In Australia, you can safely assume that customer service does not exist. It's a joke. People are busy trying to avoid responsibility. I have dozens of tales about this, gathered during my seven years in the country. Two of them are detailed - see the links below.

Why put such a page together? Solely in the hope that somebody may benefit from these experiences. They haven't been pleasant experiences as they tend to show one the worst side of human nature.

If only people who are employed by these companies were somewhat professional in their approach, it would all be different. But it wasn't...

Got a tale like this? Send it to me and it will find a place here if it's found to be relevant. (Remove the "bulldust" from the email address before sending your mail else it will bounce).